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December 2022 - Tips for Dental Care When Traveling
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December 2021 - Were You Naughty or Nice to Your Teeth This Year?
November 2021 - Give the Gift of A Pearly Bright Smile This Christmas!
October 2021 - The Importance of Regular Dental Examinations
September 2021 - Making Oral Hygiene Fun
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June 2021 - How to Deal with Ice Cream Toothaches
May 2021 - Good Oral Hygiene Can Prevent COVID-19 Complications
April 2021 - Aging and your Oral Health
March 2021 - Is Stress During the Pandemic Causing You Pain?
February 2021 - What is Mask Mouth?
January 2021 - Tooth Trivia: Test Your Dental Health Knowledge!
December 2020 - All I Want for Christmas is My Two Front Teeth
November 2020 - 5 Ways to Care for Your Teeth and Prevent Dental Health Problems
October 2020 - Is Your Smile Missing Something?
September 2020 - Is It Just Snoring or Is It a Sign of Sleep Apnea?
August 2020 - Back to School During a Pandemic
July 2020 - Staying Healthy at Home During a Pandemic
June 2020 - Preparing to Serve You Safely
May 2020 - Home Remedies for Dental Emergencies
April 2020 - COVID-19 Update & Tips for Tackling Quarantine
March 2020 - Cosmetic Dentistry - A Reason to Smile
February 2020 - The Gift of a Good Night's Sleep
January 2020 - New Year, Healthier Smile!
December 2019 - All I Want for Christmas is My Two Front Teeth
November 2019 - Fall in Love with Your Smile
October 2019 - Halloween Tips for Healthy Teeth
September 2019 - Gum Disease and Diabetes
August 2019 - Do You Know About Dental Sealants?
July 2019 - Is Your Child's Smile Protected?
June 2019 - Professional Teeth Whitening
May 2019 - The Importance of Sportsguards
April 2019 - Why are Oral Hygiene Appointments Important?
March 2019 - Cosmetic Dentistry: A Reason to Smile
February 2019 - Your Dentist's Top Ten List For A Healthy Smile!
January 2019 - New Year, New Smile
December 2018 - Benefits of Digital Dentistry
November 2018 - Use of Cannabis and Your Oral Health
October 2018 - Can Obstructive Sleep Apnea Kill You?
September 2018 - Your Dentist Now On Facebook and Instagram
August 2018 - 5 Foods to Brighten (& Whiten) Your Smile!
July 2018 - Sports Mouthguard Clinic, Golf Gallery and More!
June 2018 - Are You Afraid of the Dentist?
May 2018 - Cavity Prevention Snack Ideas
April 2018 - Do You Know the Oral Cancer Warning Signs?
March 2018 - The Importance of Smiling
February 2018 - The Gift of a Good Night Sleep
January 2018 - Happy New Year from Dr. Benedict and the Port Hope Dental Team!
December 2017 - All I Want for Christmas Is My 2 Front Teeth! November 2017 - Happy Birthday Dr. Liz and Exciting Office News!
October 2017 - Halloween Tips for Healthy Teeth September 2017 -Happy Birthday Dr. Benedict!
August 2017 - Evening Appointments Now Available!
July 2017 - Are Your Gums As Healthy As They Should Be?
June 2017 - Annual Sports Mouth Guard Clinic
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April 2017 - And Our Survey Winner Is...
March 2017 - Take Our Survey and Win!
February 2017 - The Gift of a Good Night Sleep
January 2017 - Are You Afraid of the Dentist?
December 2016 - All I Want for Christmas Is My 2 Front Teeth!
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September 2016 - What Causes Your Snoring?
August 2016 - Choosing the Right Toothbrush
July 2016 - Is Your Child's Smile Protected?
June 2016 - Take Part In Our Annual Sports Mouth Guard Clinic!
May 2016 - Swing Into Spring with Dr. Benedict's Annual Golf Promo!
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March 2016 - Let Us Know What You Think for a Chance to Win
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January 2016 - We Have a New Look!
December 2015 - Are You Afraid of the Dentist?
November 2015 - Straight Teeth, No Braces? Take Advantage of Our Invisalign Special!
October 2015 - Port Hope Dental Goes to the Spa!
September 2015 - What's Causing Your Snoring?
August 2015 - 4 Tips for a Healthy Back to School Smile!
July 2015 - Port Hope Dental Gets Into the Swing of Things!
June 2015 - Enjoy a Game of Golf on Us This Father's Day
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April 2015 - A Message from Your Hygienists
March 2015 - Let Us Know What You Think and You Could Win!
February 2015 - Port Hope Dental's Amazing Valentine's Whitening Special
January 2015 - New Year, New Smile!
December 2014 - Great Holiday Specials Now Available at Port Hope Dental!
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October 2014 - Halloween Tips for the Little Ones!
September 2014 - Check Out Our Photos from Dr. Benedict's 50th Birthday Party!
August 2014 - Shhh...It's a Surprise!
July 2014 - Our 10 Year Anniversary Party is Only Two Weeks Away! RSVP Today!
June 2014 - Whitening Special: Take $100 Off Our Take-Home Kits Until June 27th!
May 2014 - Save the Date! Join Us In Celebrating 10 Years of Smiles
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January 2014 - Port Hope Dental Food Drive A Success!
December 2013 - Port Hope Dental Zoom Whitening Holiday Special!
November 2013 - Port Hope Dental Celebrates 9 Years!
October 2013 - Your Safety is Our Priority! See Pictures from Port Hope Dental's CPR Training Session.
September 2013 - Medical Centre Appreciation Day -- see photos
August 2013 - Happy Birthday Dr. Benedict, office photos & more!
July 2013 - Office Renovation Pictures and Updates!
June 2013 - Undergoing Renovations this Summer
May 2013 - Port Hope Dental goes to the ODA! See Pictures!
April 2013 - Dr. Benedict & team attend Family Wellness Day Expo! See pictures here!
March 2013 - Zoom! Whitening is now available at Dr. Jordan Benedict's Port Hope Dental Office
February 2013 - Join us at our booth at the Family Wellness Day Expo!
January 2013 - The Road to a Healthy Smile
December 2012 - Holiday News, Invisalign Video & More!
November 2012 - Stages of Gum Disease, Dr. Liz's Birthday & More!
October 2012 - Got a Sweet Tooth this Halloween?
September 2012 - The Back to School Edition!
August 2012 - Happy Birthday to Dr. Benedict!
July 2012 - Sports Mouthguard Clinic, New Photo's & more!
June 2012 - Port Hope Dental meets Michael 'Pinball' Clemons at the ODA!
May 2012 - What Are the Risks Associated with Energy Drinks?
April 2012 - Why Have Your Teeth Cleaned?
March 2012 - Introducing our SpaDent Teeth Whitening System
February 2012 - Crack! Was that your tooth?
January 2012 - Survey Winner, Christmas Photos & more!
December 2011 - Happy Holidays!
November 2011 - Help Us Help Others & Happy Birthday Dr. Liz