SterilWize™ Sterilization System

Our Port Hope Dental office have invested in the SterilWize™ Sterilization System to ensure that your care meets or exceeds Ministry of Health and Dental Regulatory Standards.

The SterilWize™ System ensures that every instrument that is involved in delivering your care has passed a rigorous set of criteria and tests before they are utilized.

The SterilWize™ System monitors, records and ensures:

  • That all necessary processes were performed by our staff members
  • That each of our Sterilizers passed their daily tests
  • That each sterilization cycle achieved the required temperature and pressure parameters
  • That a staff member validates that all of the indicators (used to monitor and validate all aspects of sterilization) have passed the tests
  • That every set of our instruments are sealed, barcoded and tracked throughout the sterilization process to ensure that all standards are met
  • That all the above is certified before the instruments are signed out to be used for your treatment

If you would like to find out more about our SterilWize™ System, please request a tour and explanation from one of our team members at Port Hope Dental.