Digital X-Rays

Our practice is committed to bringing the safest and highest quality of care to our patients. The installation of our new digital x-ray system continues that commitment. Using the state-of-the-art digital x-rays system enables us to provide greatly improved diagnostic capabilities to our patients while significantly lessening their exposure to radiation by up to 80 percent over the old film x-rays. This may be important to many.

While traditional film x-rays have been the standard for diagnosing dental concerns for the past 90 years, digital x-rays can be more comfortable than film, and it's a real time-saver over the old technology.

Digital x-ray technology also enables our patients to see for themselves the dental conditions and enables us to address dental concerns. The digital x-ray image is instantly displayed on a large computer screen and can be enhanced and magnified to show conditions such as cavities or structural weaknesses in teeth.