Is Gum Sensitivity Keeping You Out of the Dental Chair?

If you think the worst thing is going to see your hygienist to have your teeth cleaned, you are not alone. Many patients suffer from gum sensitivity which will seem much more pronounced when attending a hygiene appointment. The pain from a cleaning is enough to keep some patients away from the office or cause them to cancel appointments. If this sounds like you then we would like to tell you about a product that can help ease the discomfort during a regular cleaning.

Many patients do not want to receive the traditional "freezing" for a cleaning as it is given via needle, wears off very slowly, and will have to be repeated at least once at another appointment so that the entire mouth can be cleaned. Oraqix (by Dentsply Canada) is an option that eliminates each of these concerns.

First, Oraqix is a non-injectible form of anesthetic. Your hygienist can apply the product prior to your cleaning with a special applicator so that no needles are required. The product will take effect in as little as 30 seconds, and will only cause freezing for approximately 20 minutes. Another benefit of this anesthetic is that you won’t feel the uncomfortable numbness in your tongue and lips that you would from a traditional injectable anesthetic.

Lastly, and some would say the most important aspect of this product is that the entire mouth can be frozen and cleaned in one appointment. With an injectable anesthetic this is not an option and certainly for those patients who dread coming to the office, this will ensure that you have a complete cleaning in one appointment. If this sounds like it would help you get through your hygiene appointments with less pain and anxiety ask your hygienist today if this product might be right for you.

-Laura Thompson (National Oraqix Educator)