Hayley's New Smile with Invisalign

Hayley, one of our Hygienists at Port Hope Dental, is now using Invisalign and she has decided to share her experience with you!

My journey with Invisalign...

I started my treatment with Invisalign at the beginning of April. I have always had some areas of overlapping I was not happy with. Although I was happy with the look of my smile, I was finding it difficult to keep certain areas clean.
As a hygienist, I love that I am able to take my aligners out and continue with my regular hygiene care. It didnít take long at all to adjust to wearing the retainers and very few people even notice I have them in.


My treatment is already over halfway done and already I can see so many positive changes.

This is the best decision I have made for long term care of my teeth!