Nancy's New Smile with Invisalign

Nancy, your dental receptionist is now using Invisalign. She has decided to share her expereince with you!

Invisalign is essentially clear, plastic "mouthguard like trays" (aligners) that move, straighten and works wonders on your teeth in the same way traditional braces do.

I had a small diastama (gap) between my front teeth and lower crowding of my bottom teeth that I never really favoured.

Impressions, photos and when necessary xrays are taken of your teeth, then turned into 3D images. You can actually see the kind of results you will get with your recommended treatment.

My treatment is 10 to 15 months, so half way there and already can see the transformation.


You need to wear the aligners for 22 hours a day, taking them out to eat, rinsing, brushing then inserting right back in.

Stay tuned-will keep you updated on my progress...

I love the fact you can see the transformation as you go.